I am Squarehead£5.99


Squarehead is a little boy who lives in a world where everything is square. (You have to be square to be there.) He’s perfectly happy, until one day, quite unexpectedly, he has a round thought.

No matter how hard you try, once you’ve had a thought, you can’t unthink it. News gets out and the finger-pointing and laughing becomes too much to bear.  Squarehead heads off on a journey where he meets a dog called Chinwag and a huge Hairy Scary monster hiding away in a forest.

The debut of a partnership between screenwriter Simon Frank & illustrator Margit Mulder, I am Squarehead is a tale for any child (or grown up) who’s ever felt out of place. (Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending!)

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April 23, 2015

“How often do you find a book that teaches your children something important, that they actually want to read!” Tim


September 23, 2016

“Squarehead teaches kids that it’s alright to be themselves, and that’s alright by me!” Steve


May 23, 2017

“Every time I pick up I AM SQUAREHEAD my little boy’s face lights up – need I say more?” Carol


January 15, 2018

“What a great bunch of characters – more please!” Sarah